Eyelash Growth Liquid
Eyelash Growth Liquid
Eyelash Growth Liquid
Eyelash Growth Liquid

Eyelash Growth Liquid

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Say hello to long, luscious lashes! Made with all natural, purified ingredients

Eyelash Growth Liquid is a unique formula of lash enhancing, repairing, moisturizing, and strengthening ingredients that work to help eyelashes grow thick and strong. This serum is a combination of highly effective, all natural, ingredients that not only promote the appearance of more youthful, beautiful lashes but also nourishes them, so they maintain durability.

This powerful blend of ingredients serves as an effective moisturizer, conditioner and strengthening agent. These ingredients promote lash durability, strength, and an overall healthy glow. These gentle ingredients are proven to provide growth without irritation.

So how do I apply? Check out how our very own team uses our serum:

  • Wipe off excess serum from the applicator on the tube.
  • Apply Eyelash Growth Liquid to the upper lash line. Each time you apply, switch direction of the applicator stroke from outer to inner.
  • Let the liquid dry for at least 3 minutes before applying other makeup products. However, we recommend not using eye makeup at all while serum is on (no worries, serum can be applied at night!)
  • Use once daily for 8-12 weeks.
  • After achieving your desirable lash length, Eyelash Growth Liquid can be used as maintenance. Apply 1-3x per week.
  • We recommend applying at night and carefully washing off in the morning.
  • Please use sparingly, our formula is designed to be effective, so you only need a small amount!

We believe in the use of quality, all-natural ingredients with no chemicals or artificial substances. We are committed to health and products you can trust. No hard to pronounce, harsh, chemically infused ingredients. 

This is why we formulated our Natural Eyelash Growth with just 4 ingredients that you can feel safe using. Our own team uses our serum and we can confidently say that we stand by it. We are confident that you will love this purely made formula as much as we do!